Thank you for deciding to become a member of Second Call Defense! Click on the “Get Started” link below to begin. Here are the simple steps you’ll be asked to follow in order to complete the application process:

STEP 1: Select the Membership Plan that best fits your needs.
There are four options to choose from – Basic, Defender, Ultimate, and Ultimate Plus. Click the box located above the desired plan name to make your selection. You will also have the opportunity to include coverage for your spouse.

Pricing for each of the plan options appears in the “Premium” row. The additional cost of adding coverage for a spouse is shown as well.

STEP 2: Tell us a little about yourself
Answer a few simple questions – your name/address, emergency contact information, etc.

STEP 3: Complete the credit card authorization form.
This document provides us with the authorization to charge your selected plan amount on your credit card. You’ll have the option to select either annual or monthly payment options.

STEP 4: Send the completed application form to our administrator for processing.
Almost done! Click the “Save Application” button and submit the attachment in an e-mail to As an alternative, you can print the form and fax it to us at 302-764-5477.

What happens next?
Rockwood Programs – our administrator – will process the information you’ve provided and send the full insurance policy to the e-mail address specified on the application. Second Call Defense will provide you with a membership kit in the mail.

Have questions?
Call Rockwood at 800-558-8808 and select option 10 (Second Call Defense) to speak to a knowledgeable representative.